Tips & Tricks

Ready to pass on your pre-loved treasures to new loving owners? Start out by reading these nifty tips and tricks and be guaranteed of successful sales!



Details, that is! Make sure to include plenty of information in your item’s description, such as its brand, its colour and size, and the season it’s from. Has your bag been spotted on the arm of an It-girl or are your pumps still in the original shoebox? Don’t hesitate to tell your buyers!

Feel free to share some extras with your potential buyers, like the fact that you still have the original shoebox or that a celebrity has been spotted with your item. Always be honest about the condition your item is in and mention if it is flawed in any way. Still got your receipt and authenticity card? Include this in your item description, as they increase your chances of making a sale!



A happy customer is a loyal customer, so be sure to provide an optimal service! Try to find a balance between your product’s original price and its current worth, and answer questions and emails as quickly and extensively as possible. Keep in mind that everybody loves free shipping, so offer this option when possible. The better your service, the better your customer’s feedback!



If there is anything Carrie Bradshaw has taught us, it is to never buy a fake Fendi! If you are unsure of your item’s authenticity, either have it checked and authenticated or do not sell it at all. Keep in mind that selling counterfeit items may result in having your account removed from LabelCrush. Please also note that we don't refund your advert if it turns out to be fake. LabelCrush can remove the item listing without notice.



The key to selling your items is to provide high quality pictures. The better your photos, the sooner your item will be approved and featured online. Wondering how to take the best pictures? Make sure to check out our photography tips below!



When it comes to pricing you should try to find a balance between the original price and the current condition of the item. Start with -50% off for an object in mint condition, and deduct 10% of the original price for every flaw. Customers also love free shipping!

Pro tip: When you know the shipping cost for a small item (e.g. a ring) isn’t that much, include this cost in your price so your client doesn’t have to pay any ‘extras’, like shipping costs.


Photography tips

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take good pictures of your item.
Follow our tips below and get ready to START SELLING!



  • Take your pictures in front of a white background to ensure that all the attention goes to your item.
    Don't worry about ugly wallpaper or objects in the background, because we clip the front image.
  • Make use of natural lighting! Snap your shots near a window or outside for the best results.
  • Opt for the highest resolution possible, so that your photo remains sharp when zoomed in.
  • Photograph clothing on a person, a mannequin, or a hanger so that customers can get an idea of your garment’s fit.
    Remember to focus on the item only, so don’t feature your model’s face.
  • Take your pictures as close to the item as possible, but keep in mind that the entire item should be visible!
  • Wash, iron and/or steam your clothing before photographing it.
  • Is your item’s tag still attached, or do you still have the receipt?
    Photograph those too, as they will help prove your item’s authenticity!
  • Add a picture of your authenticity certificate, should you have it.
    This increases your chances of selling.
  • Always use your own pictures instead of pictures you’ve found on the Internet.
  • Make sure your photos are upright to offer potential buyers the best view.
  • Ensure that each picture features only one item!
  • Remember, the better the photo, the sooner it will be approved and the sooner it wil be visible online! You will also have more chance to be featured in our newsletter with a pretty picture!


  • We advice you not to take pictures with your smartphone, as there may be quality loss when uploading the pictures online.
  • Don’t take pictures of the item laying on the ground or on your bed. This makes your item look out of proportion.
  • Don’t take pictures in the evening. Dark, blurry or yellowish pictures are not attractive.
  • Don’t use artificial lighting or flash as they add a strange colour to your picture which makes the item look dreary.
  • Don’t use backgrounds that overpower your item such as carpets, tiles or wooden floors.
  • Don’t use blurry pictures.
  • Don’t “borrow” pictures from the internet! Our members want to see the actual item.


If you still have questions about selling your items, please contact the LabelCrush team. We are more than happy to help!
Ask your questions at, on the chat or call us on 0032 3 216 44 42.

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